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Welcome Teachers!

Please encourage your students to use this website to learn about safety and green messages surrounding the use of natural gas. You can help them understand more about this site by using the following homework and discussion ideas. Please contact the Consumer Education Department at 314-768-7730 for information on in-school programs.

Safety Homework

Use this inspection checklist as homework for your students. Ask them to conduct the inspection at home with an adult and return to class to discuss their findings.

Discussion Points

Download the Natural Gas Safety Tip sheet to research other ways to be safe using natural gas appliances. Use the following discussion points to review the tip sheet.

Follow Your Nose

Review with students that natural gas is odorless. Because we can’t smell it or see it, Laclede Gas Company adds a chemical called mercaptan to it so that it can be detected in the event of a leak. The odor smells like rotten eggs. Remind students that if they ever smell a gas leak to tell an adult and get out of the house. Remind them not to turn on or off any lights, light a match or use the telephone. They should go to a neighbor’s house to call for help and do not return to the house until safety officials say they can.

Call Before You Dig
Review with students that digging into underground pipelines or other services is very dangerous. Most natural gas lines are just 18 inches underground. Explain that gas pipelines can be underneath streets, sidewalks, yards and buildings. If they are hit during digging, it can cause a small leak and create a fire hazard. By calling Dig-Rite before a digging project, these underground services can be avoided. Dig-Rite notifies all local utilities of your project. Companies like Laclede Gas will come to your home and mark where the underground services are with small colored flags or letter and symbols. Explain to students that they should never tamper with these flags and markings because they are putting others at risk of digging into an underground line. Remind them that they can call Dig-Rite by dialing 811 on their phone at least two business days before starting their project.

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