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Hey there kids – Murray’s my name and digging’s my game. As soon as I see dirt, I cannot wait to start DIGGING!! But, I have to stop and think before I do. I always put safety first because I know there’s a lot of stuff buried in the yard, like natural gas pipelines, and I don’t want to hit anything when I’m digging.

Pipelines bring natural gas safely to our homes so we have heat in the winter and hot water for our baths. Your Mom and Dad may also use it to cook delicious meals.

Sometimes, you will see signs like these . . . they mark the location of a pipeline or transmission line. It is very important not to play or dig in areas marked with these signs.

Did you know that pipelines can sometimes be just inches below the ground? You can also sometimes find water lines, sewer lines, electricity and cable lines just inches below ground in your yard.

Chances are, you will have no way of knowing if there is anything buried in your yard. So, before you dig, you should definitely have your Mom or Dad call to be sure.

Careless digging can not only damage pipelines and other important services, but you or someone nearby could get hurt. Before you dig—even if it’s something as simple as planting a tree—please ask your parents to call:

1-800-DIG-RITE (1-800-344-7483) or 811, the National One-Call Number

Or, ask them to visit

Here’s one final safety tip—stay away from the natural gas meter set. Your natural gas meter set, whether it is outside on the side of your home or inside in the basement, is the point where gas comes into your home. It is an important piece of equipment that should not be played or tampered with. These meters need their space. Stay safe and stay away from gas meters.

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